I am Brave

Yes I am.

For the longest time I have been afraid of so many things. At first glance I may seem to be a very brave person, there is no indication in the way I speak or the way I carry myself. Because fear is subjective, I think. We all have different approaches to our every fear and have different categories on how we perceive fear.


I do not want to be afraid anymore. I do not want to let fear stop me from progressing. I do not want fear to grab me the opportunity to learn, to stumble, to get up and see things in a new perspective. This page is a reminder that I am making a conscious decision not to be crippled by fear.


Let us all be brave for ourselves, for the life we chose, for the people we love, for our friendships and for our many passions.


2 thoughts on “I am Brave

  1. I think we have come to that age when fear should no longer take away the best in us or hinder us to experience what life has to offer. We have nothing to lose, right? Life is short, take chances, let go and just do what your heart longs for and as for me, I’ll finally take all my She Art classes and use all those acrylic paints! LOL!

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