Growing My Wings

This week’s exercise for The 2015 Art Project is about growing our wings. I think I have been growing my wings since last year.

There were different life events that happened to our family last year from deaths to life changing decisions to moving out of our home country to staying and taking root in another. I have been in a roller coaster ride of high and lows. My body could not cope up with all the emotions I was feeling and it all manifested in my psoriasis, my lesions became redder, more dry and more flakier.

My turning point was just last December. I think that it was my lowest and I am just glad I did not have a breakdown. Instead, for whatever reason, my mind cleared. I was able to see things in perspective, more clear, more reasonable, I felt alive, I felt free, I felt like there was a strip of film that lifted and now I can see everything, feel everything. I can only called that my awakening. Remember the movie of Robert De Niro and Robin Williams, The Awakening? I felt the way De Niro felt when he is ‘awake’.

So since December, I am awake, feeling, different and more alive. I have a lot of soul searching from that time and I have been blessed to have had quite a few answers to some of my questions. I am enjoying life now. Life is not always okay and happy and bright but I learned to dance with it, and in the process of growing my wings I am also slowly spreading them.



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