Lesson in Patience

This week I had an opportunity to learn about being patient. When I started sketching this girl last Thursday I never imagined what the exercise will teach me.


First I was torn to letting her be (in pencil) and or coloring her. Most often, I always satisfied with my finished pencil sketches maybe because I have quite a few beautiful girls in my Pencil Girl series. Second, I do not know what medium to use to color her. I was having a love-hate relationship with acrylic paints of late and I do not want to ruin her because of my frustration. Then it downed on me that I was stretching myself a lot with the different media I want to learn as fast as I can. Why? I don’t know. I just felt like I have to learn everything in one scoop.

My husband is always the deal breaker for me and he helped me realized that I am not in a race, I am not in competition with anyone but myself, there is no deadline to beat, no one will be disappointed if I won’t be able to deliver, that I can take my sweet time learning the steps and savor each lesson I could get from the experience.

So, I decided to use my third go to coloring material, colored pencils ( I cannot deny the fact that I first fell in love with acrylic paints and running second is my oil pastel which I can’t use because I ran out of fixative, lol). My usual pace is to start with the face first and venture out with hair, clothing and finally background. With this girl, I started with hair then face. No reason behind the change of plans, I just felt like letting loose and be comfortable.


For the past weeks I have been experimenting, and learning how to color the face. Proper blending and putting just the right amount of shadows. I thought I was already ready. This girl proved me wrong. It was difficult to find the proper blend to get the deep set eyes I am looking for. So from light brown to dark brown to red and eventually using pencil to achieve a deep set eye. Still I am not satisfied, but the experience, the frustration, and the feeling of “I am already here, I must continue” made me look at her with fresh eyes. I felt like this girl is teaching me something. Its as if she has a mind of her own.

The next day, I had already discovered that she was teaching me to be patient. I was never patient. Even when I was in school and practicing my profession, I was always always very eager to find out the results or burn the midnight oil just to learn the process as fast as I can so I can use it to yield results. Maybe that is why I opted to be in the emergency room, results are always fast and accurate. My current girl is not at all the – get it done and over with – type of person. So, I went through the process, blending one color after the other, anticipating for the final look.


Close up on her left eye



Patience is indeed a virtue and I have learned it the hard way. I am glad I went though the process and learned a lot from it. I would eagerly go through the journey again and again so that I could savor every step, every moment, every aha feeling and every thankful prayer I give up Above for this opportunity He has been gifting me.


11 thoughts on “Lesson in Patience

  1. She is beautiful and I love that you shared your art and your frustration with us. Patience is indeed a virtue that so many of us think we have acquired – myself included. But you have shown that patience has its benefits, beautiful pieces of art.

    • I dont know where my reply went yesterday, still learning the tablet app. Anyway, thank you very much! I just learned today that mineral oil much like baby oil can be used to blend the colors for a more painterly effect. That would be another project but its worth a try. I do it with oil pastels and it gives a soft finish, lets see what it will do with colored pencils😊

    • Thank you so much Laura. Someone just told me that smoky eyes are one of the ‘in’ things today. I don’t know how to put make up that’s why but happy to know that its an in thing and that my girl is rocking it πŸ™‚

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