Tumbler Art

Other than playing at my playbook practicing drawing whimsical faces and doing facebook group projects, doodling is one of the activities that makes my heart sing.



I started doodling as a form of coping when my Mom passed last year and it eventually became a go to activity whenever I am faced with something I do not know how to deal with just yet. Doing every circle, square, or shape helps me relax, think and focus. At the end of every doodle session, I am always refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenge yet again.

The two doodled pieces above was made simultaneously over a period of four weeks for a Starbucks – create your own –  tumbler Hubby gave me. I am not a coffee drinker but of late, as I go on “alone time” trips to my third place, I find myself enjoying a cup or two.

tumbler_3  tumbler_1

Seeing my own artwork in my tumbler gives me a sense of achievement. The tumbler never fails to be a conversation starter wherever I go. I have met interesting people in my alone time at both Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The entire experience of another person asking and appreciating your work is a delightful acquaintance for me. I am not a snob but also not someone who starts a conversation with a total stranger. I am glad my tumbler can do that for me.

I recently had an 8 year old come up to me and asked me to teach her how to doodle. I was more than happy to teach and share with her. The language barrier between us was not a hindrance at all. Her parents on the other table were smiling and was so proud of their daughter. I too was so proud of their little one. Though short, we had a fantastic time together. She was too shy to say thank you but she gave me a big smile and it was more than I could ask for. When I left the coffee shop my heart was singing with happiness and with a desire to reach out through my tumbler.


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