Color Pairs

A group I joined at facebook, Paint Happy : 52 Prompts gave its first prompt last week. It is all about color pairs. The group is facilitated by Leslie Jackson Ackman and we are using Alena Hennessy‘s book The Painting Workbook.

We were encouraged to browse through Alena’s book before the prompts begun, unfortunately I do not have the book and the biggest bookstore I could find here went out of stock. The bookstore cannot commit as to when they will be having stocks again, publisher problems they told me. Nevertheless, I will not let that deter my commitment on learning how to paint.

I chose to use watercolor paper at 165gsm at 11inx15in. It took me two days to figure out what I will do with this challenge. I am very fond of bright colors and would want to reflect that in my painting. After pairing my craft acrylics I proceeded with painting. This is the first project that I used only acrylics and it was quiet difficult since I am used to using pens to put words and marks in my other projects.

This exercise taught me to think outside of my comfort zone. I have never imagined that I would have a love-hate relationship with acrylics. I have had experienced only love from the time I started using them but with this project, there were a lot of moments when I wanted to crumple my paper and not start at all. Most people say that you have to continue and see what happens next, I did just that and finally told myself that this piece is finished. Though I am not satisfied with its outcome, I have learned a lot and the journey is what is most important.



4 thoughts on “Color Pairs

  1. Love your colours. I know what you mean about acrylics being frustrating. I find they get streaky or muddy on me. Yours doesn’t look like that though. I usually use pastels or pens to fix them up the bits I don’t like. It would be hard not to. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you do from this class.

    • Thank you! Muddy pages happens to me too thats why I learned to let one color dry first before adding another. I don’t have my heat gun with me (forgot it in Manila but will get it once we have our vacation) and the waiting time is driving me crazy, lol! I am also excited with this class, will do prompt 2 tomorrow, yay!

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