Loving Yourself

It is always wonderful when I am inspired to work on my projects ahead of time. For this particular share, I have finished my page for The 2015 Art Project – Week 2: Loving Yourself exercise.

Valuing oneself is of very high importance to me. I believe that you are the only person who can lift yourself up. Devaluing oneself will only lead to anger, depression and eventually self hate. This exercise is very appropriate to the group’s description of self empowerment, stress relief and positive change.

For my week 2 exercise, I have decided to up the challenge with these four purposes:

  • To use one of my favorite self love quote – chose one from Kerry Washington
  • To use my art journal horizontally – used it vertically in the last exercise
  • To incorporate a new technique – using my own handwriting in whimsical form
  • To only use 3 colors of acrylic paint




I have learned a lot from this doing this –

  • That my first idea of how to make my project is the best idea.
  • That I can have fun even with 3 acrylic paints.
  • That working in a bigger scale than my usual journals is so exciting.
  • That sharpie permanent marker will eventually not write on paint.
  • That the signo broad black pen is just as superb as its white version.
  • That my Dong-a gel pens from Manila is holding on and is as comparable with Sakura gelly roll pens.
  • That I could enjoy my handwriting in a whimsical way.

This exercise was so relaxing that I plan on doing another version in a smaller journal.


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