The Documented Life Project – Week 1

This year’s DLP underwent a few changes. Adjustments I believe are for the enjoyment of all members. Monthly themes are being introduced now and that adds to the impact of each week’s challenge. To start the year, the Art5 ladies gave everyone the gift of free videos of how they did their own first week challenge.

January Theme : The blank page and How to face it

January 1 (week 1) Art Challenge : Book paper Journal Prompt: Be your own goal keeper

Facing that blank white page is always a tough one especially now that I have a bigger planner. After much thinking and over thinking, I went to work and tore up a page from the lone old book I carried from Manila, added a few cut outs from envelopes and even added a small piece from my own old notebook.


This page is quiet new to me in terms of color. I usually put more color than the ones I used here only for the sole reason that I do not know how the book pages will be seen when I’m all done, lol. I am not a seasoned art journaler and I enjoy the process of adding and subtracting things.


The journal prompt is about us being our own goal keeper. I thought of dividing my goals into personal and art goals. I am first and foremost a woman, wife, sister, cousin and friend before I swam into the being crafty mode.


A few doodles here and there and I’m done. I purposely did not write on my goals before the photo was taken. I wanted it to be private and for my eyes only.


Have you thought about having goals for this year?


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