The Third Place

What is the third place? Well, it is a place away from the home and work place. A place where you can socialize or enjoy your alone time. Since I am a stay at home wife, our home id most definitely my first home and my second home would be my craft corner. It may seem ironic that both my first and second homes are in the same place, but that’s how I see things – second home = craft corner = work time/art time.

When I was still in Manila, my third place was the nearest Starbucks Reserve right across the condominium where we used to live. Now, my third place/s would be at Old Town White Coffee House just a few steps away from where we are staying and a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  branch at Nu Sentral Mall. Nu Sentral Mall is about four stops from my train station, so easy to visit anytime I want. Both places are not too crowded during the time I always want to be there. Perfect for my alone time.

Often when I am at my “third place” I bring all sorts of unfinished art projects. I almost always plan a project or start or finish one there. Planning during my alone time at my third place always bring about good results and starting and or finishing one always brings a smile.

Below is a project I started yesterday at CBTL. Hubby recently gave me a Starbucks “Create Your Own” tumbler where I could put my art inside without it being ruined. I am very excited about this project since this is the first time I am doodling in a red gel pen.


Apologies for the photo. Took it with my phone and it makes the paper seemed like its cream colored rather than white. Oh well…Anyhow, this is still a work in progress and I an not in a hurry to finish it. One empty space to doodle at a time.

So, my dear friends, where is your third place?


4 thoughts on “The Third Place

  1. Interesting post. I do not even have a second place. I have to gather supplies from various storage locations and then work at the kitchen table before I need to clear, tidy and clean it all up again. That is a contributing factor in my art time being so fleeting.

    • Hmm you are making me think twice Deb. Hubby said it is more nice in cream color too. Im halfway finished so Im contemplating to start another in cream or just continue with it. A lot of work has been done already….. Anyhow…happy doodling!

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