How My Past Has Shaped Me

The festivities of the new year has come to an end. I hope everyone had a good one and is recharged to take on the challenges of the year ahead.

To kick start my 2015 art life, I am sharing with you my take on The 2015 Art Project’s Week 1 exercise.  For the month of January, the theme would be Respecting Where You’ve Come From and for Week 1 – How My Past Has Shaped Me.

We were asked to write the things/events that happened to us in the past – positive or negative and how those events has shaped us to become the person we are now.


I have been a slave of very bad attitude towards people, things and life in general and those bad outlook made me an unlovable person and  a very negative one. I had that sense of entitlement and thought that I could get away with everything just because. Family, some friends and Hubby constantly reminded me to change and not be so pessimistic. As always I am hardheaded and won’t budge.

Then late last year, I had an epiphany of sorts. It was brought about by my loneliness and many quiet moments. It was a surprise when it came and I cried my heart out to my husband. After that weekend, I was a renewed person. I felt alive, at peace and free.

Funny how I was one person one day and a whole different person the next. The Universe has its own way of making me realize, feel and reflect. The events of the past shapes the person we become only if we see the positive side in them.


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