2015 Art Goals

Hello! I would like to greet each one a Blessed and Prosperous 2015!

I am claiming that this year is ‘my year’! I have decided to go fearless with regards to my art and embark on different adventures simultaneously.  I will be participating in various activities that will help me grow and learn more as a self taught artist. Yes, I am bravely calling myself an artist now. I am shoving away my negative inner critic and locking her permanently in the closet.

Below are the following projects I am embarking on:

1. Documented Life Project at the Art to the 5th Academy – daily planner + art journal

2. The 2015 Art Project at Facebook hosted by Victoria Teasdale – making soulful art to assist you in your journey for progress

3. Paint Happy : 52 Prompts using Alena Hennessy’s book The Painting Workbook at Facebook hosted by Leslie Jackson Ackman

4. Studio7ART Academy at Facebook hosted by Tracy Scott – 100 faces

5. Putting Our Hearts Into Our Art – What’s New Wednesday at Facebook hosted by Shannon McConaha and Janet Smith

6. Prompt60 at Daisy Yellow of Tammy Garcia

7. Radiant Faces hosted by Effy Wild – I enrolled in this class last year but my inner critic got the better of me and I have not started any of the lessons yet. This year, I will do the lessons no matter what and enjoy all the 9 fabulous and generous teachers.

8. Continuing on with my very own Pencil Girl and My Girl Series and maybe a few of my chibi characters.

The list above seems to be so daunting BUT it is my way of helping myself learn, improve, and grow. I will most definitely take pleasure in each project’s journey, its highs and lows and all of the crippling moments that will come with it.

Wish me luck dear friends! The possibilities are endless and I am only limited by my imagination!


5 thoughts on “2015 Art Goals

  1. What a great list of activities! I feel that the act of writing them all down does help to focus me a little more on getting things done in each of them too. I’m in a ‘finish it up’ kind of year myself so it will be fun to see us both creating art consistently and joyfully ;)) I’m only going to check out one on your list because my own is already too long lol xx ❤

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