Tumbler Art

Other than playing at my playbook practicing drawing whimsical faces and doing facebook group projects, doodling is one of the activities that makes my heart sing.



I started doodling as a form of coping when my Mom passed last year and it eventually became a go to activity whenever I am faced with something I do not know how to deal with just yet. Doing every circle, square, or shape helps me relax, think and focus. At the end of every doodle session, I am always refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenge yet again.

The two doodled pieces above was made simultaneously over a period of four weeks for a Starbucks – create your own – ¬†tumbler Hubby gave me. I am not a coffee drinker but of late, as I go on “alone time” trips to my third place, I find myself enjoying a cup or two.

tumbler_3  tumbler_1

Seeing my own artwork in my tumbler gives me a sense of achievement. The tumbler never fails to be a conversation starter wherever I go. I have met interesting people in my alone time at both Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The entire experience of another person asking and appreciating your work is a delightful acquaintance for me. I am not a snob but also not someone who starts a conversation with a total stranger. I am glad my tumbler can do that for me.

I recently had an 8 year old come up to me and asked me to teach her how to doodle. I was more than happy to teach and share with her. The language barrier between us was not a hindrance at all. Her parents on the other table were smiling and was so proud of their daughter. I too was so proud of their little one. Though short, we had a fantastic time together. She was too shy to say thank you but she gave me a big smile and it was more than I could ask for. When I left the coffee shop my heart was singing with happiness and with a desire to reach out through my tumbler.

Trusting My Journey

I promised myself that I would practice drawing and coloring whimsical girls in my playbook this year. Drawing has never been a consideration for me since I started mixed media April last year. I only started sketching daily last September and had to stop middle of December. I was confused as to where I was going – realistic or whimsical. After almost more than a month of not drawing, I made a decision to stick with learning doing whimsical art.

With the many groups I joined in facebook with different sets of projects, I thought I could not find time to practice and experiment with drawing. Last week I was fortunate to have some drawing time and subsequently was able to share a face at Tracy Scott’s studio7ARTacademy. The comments I got made it more clear that I am in the right path. I was inspired to do more, try new media and go out of my comfort zone, one baby step at a time.

So, this weekend I opted to use oil pastel, polychromos colored pencils, and craft acrylic paint in one spread. Gesso was used not as a primer but for texture. It was also my first time to use workable fixative in various stages of layering media.




To finish my spread, I chose a favorite quote from Oprah Winfrey and used oil pastels to add color to it.


I am at the right path, I am with the right community, I am enjoying the learning curve and most of all, I am trusting my journey.


Prompt 2 for Paint Happy: 52 prompts this week is all about minimizing our color palette. Leslie shared in the group that Alena said “that monochromatic color theme involves one color or hue plus black and white to make different tints and shades. It can make a strong statement, set a mood, or match the palette of our room’s decor.”

For this project I chose 5 different shades of blue acrylic paint – mediterranean blue, bleu bahamas, robin egg blue, azure and pool blue on canvas paper. I experimented with mixing mediterranean blue + bleu bahamas, the color mix framing the whole painting and azure + robin egg blue only in one circle.


I started this piece last night and continued on at 6:30 this morning. Painting early in the morning was something I am not familiar with but it seems like a good time to do art. I was relaxed, happy and very well rested. The energy just flowed freely and I was done in a few hours.

I do not know where this challenges/prompts will lead me or what lessons I will learn from this journey but one thing I know, I am very willing to dance to the tune of discovering how my artistic self will flourish with this adventure.