Last Friday I received a very heartfelt message from one of my art buddies from Manila. Kathy or Kat as I usually call her, knows about how I am feeling for so many days now and my struggles on how to cope with it. In her letter, she reminded me to remember the things that are truly important, to be thankful even in adversity. She helped me to go back to the reasons why hubby and I left Manila and why we are here in KL.

Kat’s letter made me rethink all the reasons why we are here. Her words got to me and somehow I felt guilty for feeling down and out of synch. Indeed, I am very very lucky. I am in a country where I am not forced to work and send money back home. I can laze around the home if I want to, do art the whole day, shop or go sight seeing anytime. I am free as a bird and can sing my heart out. With that realization, I made a spread for my dear Kat. She has been a source of inspiration and strength to me all those trying times.


Thank you so so much Kat. I needed that nudge for me to wake up and see the beauty of where I am. Truly one blessed woman. I can’t wait to bond with you again come February or early March 2015. We will surely have a blast!


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