Positive Art Space

For quite sometime now I have been a member of a group in facebook called Positive Art Space (PAS). PAS had been my “small group” within a big world that is mixed media. This group has been a source of inspiration, comfort and most of all friendship. I have been the recipient of a lot of encouragement, love and that unending push to make the kind of art I could possibly do. These women may not know how much they have moved me but man, they had and they still continue to.

Just about a few weeks ago, one of my pencil girl was chosen to be the group’s banner. You can read the story here. Every now and then the group’s admin selects a member’s work to be featured at the banner to simply inspire each one. And because of that great opportunity given to me, I have been more involved with my art and had put on more heart into each piece. It is amazing how one simple gesture can help a person.

I am very thankful to be part of PAS, to be able to contribute, to be able to interact, to be able to ask for help and to be able to give and receive support. Positive Art Space is not only a group in facebook to display art, it is a group where you will find warm hearted women sharing, interacting and being each other’s source of strength.

Positive Art Space is a secret group and members could only be through referrals. Let me know if anyone of you would like to be part of this constructive and supportive group.


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