The Documented Life Project – Week 48

Week 48 – depict gratitude in a creative way

Since its Thanksgiving week in the US, it is just fitting that our prompt for this week is about gratitude. There are so many things each one of us is grateful for and we all have different ways of expressing our heartfelt gratitude.


We have done the same challenge many weeks ago and I had poured a lot of creative juice doing that prompt. So for this week, going simple and fuss free was the best way to go. Saying what we feel from the heart need not be too embellished nor too perfected. Anything that comes from our heart of hearts is always simple and sincere. With that, I am taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU to my dear friend Airees Rondain for encouraging me to join the DLP facebook group, to Art to the 5th ladies – Sandi Keene, Roben-Marie Smith, Rae Missigman, Lorraine Bell and Barbara Moore for starting this creative journey and sharing it with a lot of people, and to all the supportive and appreciative members of DLP 2014 who are always there to give that nudge of encouragement.

Thank you so so much from my heart to yours!


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