Meet Mimi

Hi! My name is Mimi!


The inspiration for this was a Pencil Girl I did yesterday. I was overwhelmed by the love in one of my Facebook groups that I decided to make another in a bigger scale and with color. For me to get a better picture of what I want to do, Hubby suggested that I make a chibi girl. It took me hours to make her (I left my heat gun in Manila :-(). Heat gun or no heat gun, my excitement did not waver.

I did the background first with an assortment of colors and a stencil pattern. Then when everything was dry I started sketching my girl. After a lot of revisions, I was pleased with her face and hair. Then the task of sketching her body made me almost not continue with what I was doing. I forgot to plan her body and clothes even though Hubby already made a suggestion earlier. I was so afraid to do anything wrong. This is my first time to make a body, and clothes and shoes. I was afraid and had to step back from my table for a good 30 mins. Then I told myself, I won’t be able to sleep unless she is finished and I have to finish her come what may. Good thing I pushed through because I am now happily gazing at my Mimi as I type this post.

For the blank spaces around her, I wanted to make another first. I wanted to try collaging using stamps. I haven’t tried doing collage and I thought of trying it with my girl. I know not a good thing to do but my inner goddess won me over. I think I overdid the stamping, but, what the heck, there are no perfect first times and I have already learned my lesson, so the only thing to do is love her and the character over stamping did.

I think ย I will make a companion for her tonight. Oh boy, here I am again! Heading for another sleep deprived night ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Meet Mimi

  1. She’s beautiful Carrie! And I really love the stamping. It doesn’t feel overdone at all to me. In fact, the stamps you chose work very well with your girl, almost tells a story ๐Ÿ˜Š Great job!

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