Pencil Girl Series: #12 and #13

Pencil girl # 12’s inspiration was Mulan of the disney characters. Tried my best to copy a picture of her but for whatever reason the drawing took a different turn on its own. Still, it was fun trying Mulan’s eyes, lips and the over all look.


I just have to get that facial tattoo up there 🙂 for the meantime. If and when I learn how to draw a whole body, maybe then I could put my initial on her left ankle area just like what I have.

For pencil girl # 13, I got a little carried away and made two one the same day.


Doing a 3/4 view is very difficult for me, but I wanted to try my luck and see if I can do it the right way. This sketch still has a long way to go but for now I am done, satisfied and content.


For the second pencil girl # 13, I wanted to try something new. I thought I would try a square-ish eye shape with curly hair. I think she looks like Carol Burnett 🙂 What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Pencil Girl Series: #12 and #13

  1. I think an element of self-portrait crept into your Mulan inspired drawing. She looks like you around the nose and mouth. The final drawing does look a bit like Carol Burnett.

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