Halloween 2014: Sugar Skull Face

In a few hours yuppies from Manila will be out celebrating Halloween 2014. Its Friday and what better way to start the weekend with friends and a few bottles of beer below zero.

And me? How am I celebrating Halloween? Well, I’m in the condo, at my art corner, happily typing this post and having a conversation with the Hubby. Simple. Happy. No fuss, no frills, no preparation for costume parties, no loud music and not putting on a happy and cheerful face just because its a party. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to parties but not Halloween parties. I most likely would put on a scary movie later, so Hubby and I could sit in our little sofa with popcorn and ready to be scared out of our mind. Its seems to be a boring thing to do on Halloween’s eve but, that’s us.

And so, to cap my Halloween “celebration” I made another sugar skull face, this time on my leather 5×7 journal, happy to assign her as Pencil Girl # 14.


Enjoy the Halloween everyone!


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