The Documented Life Project – Week 43

This week’s challenge was to sketch what you see right now. Really?

I have been following and making the weekly challenges to the best of my creative self. But this week’s challenge was not sinking at all. Its not that I don’t have a good view, I do,  but I’m just not into the challenge at all. So,instead of sulking,  I played with my art journal/planner and put in a quote that is inspiring me this week.

wk43_sketch your view_2

Hopefully next week’s challenge will be more ‘challenging’, like a new technique to try, or a new look at an old tool, or something that is not so weak as in the past weeks.


7 thoughts on “The Documented Life Project – Week 43

  1. I suspect a lot of people struggled with this week’s DLP challenge or perhaps did what you did and did their own creative thing instead as I feel I am seeing fewer pages being shared than on other weeks. I was rather fortunate to have blue jays flitting around my bird feeder as I sat down to tackle the challenge otherwise I am not sure what I would have come up with. I admit I was not very inspired this week either.

    • the blue jays saved you 🙂 its so nice to have birds around. i only hear them around here but never saw one yet. the prompts at dlp are not so challenging anymore, i hope they come up with good prompts next year. i haven’t posted anything there since week 29. i don’t know, but the group is so big and i doubt if the admins can fully cater to everyone. control is not a good thing and they have come up with so many do’s and don’ts. oh well, lets just see what the announcement will be on nov 1, thats saturday for me.

      • I agree that the DLP prompts are getting less interesting. I find I am increasingly uninspired. It has also been a while since we had one that was about technique rather than subject. I liked that variation. As i was new to Art Journalling when I started, the prompts and seeing what other group members create has been immensely helpful to me. However, I think I need a bit more stretch with my mixed media stuff now. I also want to start incorporating mixed media into my regular art work at times. I think I am going to keep Art Journalling too but doing my own thing. My husband and kids have also offered to gift me Life Book 2015 for my birthday and christmas presents and I think I will register as it looks really good.

        • oh oh oh Life Book 2015! yeah! you are one lucky wife and momma laura! go girl, register! i will be waiting and cheering you on your life book projects. i have been contemplating on registering at life book too but dear hubby just gave me radiant faces for my birthday last august and i have not even started with it yet. im so afraid to start and still mustering that much needed courage. i’m doing what i can now and experimenting more on pencils. im happy with the two series i started for myself, pencil girl and my girl. and hopefully in the next days i will be starting with radiant’s part 1 lesson 1. good luck to us and yes, lets continue art journaling…it keeps the stress at bay and our hearts in cloud nine all the time 🙂

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