I am Me

2013-05-17 08.22.09

Right now, right at this moment, I know I am exactly where I need to be. I am in the journey of becoming aware of who really am I.

It is very easy when someone asks us, Who are you? and the basic answers would be, I am Carrie, married to ____, loves to _____, is involved in ____, lives at ____, relative of ____, a friend to ____, loves going to ____, is happy to do ____, and the list goes on.  But do we really know who we really are? Do we define ourselves by who we married? By the family we came from? By the school we graduated from? By the set of friends we hang out with? By the things we always or seldom do? By what we frequently talk about? By the god we believe in? By the sect we belong? By what we choose to wear? By what is dictated upon us? By the language we use to communicate? These and a lot more things we can use to characterize us. We might, yes lets admit it, we often do. But, do we really know who we really are?

I do not know the answer to that too but I am struggling to know ME each and every day. I know I am unique, special, made from love and grew up to appreciate the good and despise the bad. I am a number in the world I live in, a statistic in many occasions. But without me, will my surroundings be the same? function as it is? I think not.

However we define ourselves doesn’t make us a lesser being than the lady sitting with you at the coffee shop, or the man standing in front of you in the bus. It is how we accept and embrace the person we strive to be.


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