Pencil Girls

When I was waiting for Hubby to process my dependent’s visa in Malaysia, I stayed at my Mom’s home. It was a challenge not to open most of my art materials since I have already packed them when we transferred from our rented condominium. I was itching to do some art to take my mind off the waiting game and it would be a good exercise to practice my sketching skills. I started with skeing in my watercolor moleskine first. Then I was so fortunate to receive an Alunsina journal from my good friend Kathy for my birthday and its 5×7 size was just great for exercising my face sketching skills. I then borrowed my niece’s jumbo pencil, 2b pencil, a ruler and an erase. With all the materials on hand, I began doing a face. When I finished with the exercise, I decided that my new 5×7 leather journal will be home for my pencil face sketches, thus the new project called Pencil Girls.

The exercise did wonders for my time alone at my Mom’s. It helped me realize a lot of things that was happening in my life in general – my marriage, the direction my art is taking me and most of all my relationship with myself. It was a soul searching thing for me every time I do a pencil face sketch every night.

Here are my Pencil Girls 1-09.


The inspiration for PG#1 were from the instagram sketches of shellakabuki ❤ and was done on my watercolour moleskine.

For PG#2, the inspiration came from a National Geographic magazine my Mom had.


My version….


My sister told me that my face was like a person who was mugged. She said it was too way off my inspiration. We both laughed at her comment and I told her that I will take her comment as a positive disapproval of my work. I shared with her that the process was more meaningful to me than the final outcome. 🙂


PG#3 was the first girl in my new leather journal. My apologies, I forgot to document my inspiration here.


For PG#4, believe it or not my inspiration was a cat’s lip. I don’t know what I was thinking that night but I was so drawn to look at cat’s lips on the net. First time to use Conte A Paris Sketching Pencil Sanguine. Using it was like using a charcoal pencil.



PG# 5 and 6 were inspired by an artist at 29 Faces FB group named Talula Rouge. I thought she was Jami Denman which was the watermark across her every photo. I’m still awaiting a reply email from her about it. 🙂



PG# 7 and 8 were done because I had to try to do a face facing the right side. Since with PG’s #5 and 6 were facing the left side.

My curiosity got the best of me and I had to try my luck with side-view faces. I know I still need a lot of practice but I’m giving myself an ‘A’ for effort and guts. 🙂


PG #9 was done on my last day at Mom’s. No inspiration here. I tried to draw from the heart and she was the result. I’m happy and I think, she is too.


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