Meet Sabine

Oh I did not forget about you my dearest Sabine! I just forgot to blog about you. I know Im a crazy person! I treat my girls like my very own children. Im not blessed with one but have a lot of nieces and nephews to spoil and now, add to that growing list are My Girls 🙂

Sabine, yes, my very first girl with a mixed media background. I have a lot of Starbucks brochures at home and what a great way to use them for my Sabine. She looks so chic, has a great personality and is so spoiled!





Used oil pastel to color her face and hair. Masking tape, gouache and stamps for the background.

Happy crafting!



ICAD 2014 #49


Off prompt again. Played with a stencil, stencil paste and oil pastel. Fun and easy!

ICAD 2014 # 48


I just bought some very inexpensive gouache and wanted to try them right away. So here is an index card with my first gouache project 🙂