ICAD 2014 # 16

Ah this challenge was really challenging for me. I wanted to go out of my comfort zone and try sketching a pair of dice but my fear of not making good got the better of me and thus I just made a simple card. The only new here was the metallic yellow I used as background.



ICAD 2014 # 15

I had these stickers for almost 10 years now and haven’t found a use for them. But now I have found the perfect project for them. Its a sticker kind of day and Im loving my sticker card.


At first I wanted to make a story out of my stickers but opted for a more obvious reason 🙂 You are my sunshine is also “our” song so it is just fitting for this sticker card.


ICAD 2014 # 14

My take on the challenge. Mixed oil pastels in red and violet to come up with a megenta color. I had fun making this challenge, no fuss and not much thinking, done in less than 15mins.