Documented Life Project – Week 19

For week 19, we were asked to document a RAK (random act of kindness by us). And what could be more appropriate than the luncheon I recently had with hubby and one of his closest couple friends and their two boys. Fortunately, the eldest boy just celebrated his 17th birthday and the luncheon was a great opportunity for another celebration with friends we consider as family.

For this challenge I used gesso, acrylic paints, stencils from crafter’s workshop and tim holtz, chalk pastels, lowercase stamps, a charcoal pencil and a zig pen.


I considered my RAK a private thing so I made a flap for my journaling and incorporated it to my spread.



From the time I was doing my week 18 pages, I was drown to distressing my pages and thought of using the technique throughout my weekly prompts.


This week also included the second Sunday of the Month of May which was always dedicated to Mothers. To commemorate my Mama, I made her this embellishment.


I had fun making this spread. It reminded me of the simple gestures of kindness I did for random people and most especially with the people I hold dearest. It also made me remember the moments I had with my Mother and how we are exactly alike.


Happy crafting!

The Documented Life Project – Week 18

I ended up my post yesterday with a promise that I will tell you about my week 18 take on The Documented Life Project of the ladies of Art to the 5th.

And as promised, here is the journey I went through with week 18. Week 18 started with a promise I made to myself on a sunny day of April 28. I promised myself that starting from the month of May, I will try my best to do pages as the Art to the 5th does theirs. I am enchanted on how they do their planners/journals that I wanted to try my hand on their style and see if it will suit my taste. It will be a big step in my mixed media journey but I know it will be a very enjoyable learning experience for me. With that promise, I hope to discover and love my artistic self more and that I will find my happy and comfortable style.

April 28, was the first day of a new journey for me and my art. Week 18 will be my first attempt in somehow achieving the Art to the 5th planner pages. I hoped to be able to embrace what I can and develop a style of my own in which I will be most comfortable with and hopefully a signature style at the end of the rainbow.

My week 18 (add an inspiring quote to guide your week)






Week 18 was a full of adventure and laughter. Hubby and I vacationed to the cold City of Baguio to run the North Face 2014 Trail Run. My planner/journal held every single memory we had experienced there.


Beginnings are always difficult but if you embrace the process of wanting something that will please you, nothing is difficult if you put heart in your art.

Happy crafting!

My Journey Begins – The Documented Life Project

My good friend Airees, owner and artist at Handcrafted Expressions invited me to join a group at facebook called The Documented Life Project about four months ago. From the time I asked to join the group and was included in their roster of members, I didn’t know anything about mixed media. I was and still am a scrapbooker.

I considered myself a lurker and was just enjoying myself from looking at all the beautiful planner/art journal/weekly challenge pages. Then I found myself going through and from the site’s details on how to start  and what were needed. I did not get myself a moleskine since moleskine is very expensive here and also I wanted to challenge myself more with making my own planner. So, I got myself a Peter Pauper book. It is plain and has 180 sheets. I knew then that I will be having a wonderful time with the new book. With that, I set out all of my scrapbooking materials from six years ago and hoped that I could make a decent planner/art journal/weekly challenge page.

Since the book has 180 pages, I decided to make the weekly planners first then dedicated four whole pages for the weekly challenges. Unfortunately, I was stuck from the moment I finished the weekly planners. I already did the weekly planners from January till March but no weekly challenge or anything that screams art journal. I did not know what to do then.

So, instead of sulking, I was determined to read and know more about mixed media. I have spent a great deal of time on the net and at our local bookstore looking at mixed media books.

One day I just decided to jump in and just do it. I did my first mixed media art journal on the first page dedicated for week 1.



Looking at my first art journal spread made me want more. So, the next day I made another spread intended for week 2 of DLP’s weekly challenges. By this time, I was not looking forward to joining the group’s weekly challenges anymore. I was hooked into improving my art and just use the weekly planner pages I did beforehand.




Moving forward, I also had several trips to our local bookstores and had the chance to browse through an art store in a mall 30mins away from home. Also, I had already started watching youtube videos of Terri Kahrs‘ “21 Secrets”.







I was hooked and called these projects my weekly projects. Each project takes a lot of time for me to do. I was giving a little of myself in every page.

Then I tried making the group’s weekly challenge. By this time it was already on week 14 (write your name and embellish it) . The challenge was a great opportunity for me to dive in and be active. And here was my take on week 14.



I had a lot of fun making the spread. I even asked our Starbucks barista for some stirrers so I can doodle and use as stems for my letter flowers.

Then for week 15 (monochromatic, use shades, tints and hues in one color), and this was the color I chose.



I chose my mother’s favorite color – pink. She just recently passed and it was a great opportunity to honor and remember her.

For week 16 (add a cardboard food box in a creative way), below was my interpretation.




Instead of using a cardboard food box, I used my race’s guideline sheet, a small piece from my bib number and a logo from my favorite running store. The challenged coincided with a trail race I did that week and it was one way to remember how challenged, afraid and steadfast I was at that time.

Then for week 17  (photograph or draw your favorite shoe).




Yes, my favorite shoe is my running shoes. I am among the few ladies who love their running shoes.  I had a great time experimenting and playing with oil pastel crayons, stencil paste, acrylic paint and my artline pens here.

Since I have been wanting the pages of the Art to the 5th ladies, I have been studying their spreads really closely. I could not enroll with their Art to The 5th-planner classes since I had a deal with my husband not to use our credit card for online purchases. Oh why did I make that deal?????? Bad move, right?! So, I just went on enjoying the many pages the members of DLP made.

Then on 28 April, I decided to try the Art to the 5th planner style on my own. I told myself, classes or no classes, I will try my best to spruce up my very simple planner and incorporate it with my weekly challenge. Planner on the left side and weekly challenge on the right side. That way I could coordinate the colors and embellishments I wanted  for both the planner and the challenge.

I will tell you more about my week 18 tomorrow. My journey with The Documented Life Project  is getting  colorful  by the day!

Happy crafting!