How to : Dare to Dream 2014 Planner/Art Journal

Since I am very new to mixed media art, I tend to document the process I went through with each project. For my planner/art journal, below were the materials I used.

  • atelier gesso primer
  • stencil paste
  • cardstock
  • washi tape
  • crafter’s workshop template – birds of a feather
  • punchinella
  • crafter’s workshop template – flower frenzy
  • homemade diamond stencils
  • homemade circle stencils
  • favorite monogram alphabets with numbers
  • fine point sharpie permanent marker – different colors
  • artline 400xf paint market – white
  • acrylic paints – you can use your preferred paint colors, I used what I already have and just mix some colors to achieve the color I wanted.  Experiment! 🙂

My Approach:

  • Gesso the whole journal cover. Let it dry.
  • Make circular indentations on the cover using toilet paper roll. Use acrylic paint or gesso. I used various colors of acrylic paint. Let dry.
  • Stencil birds of a feather template on the front cover, since I LOVE texture and dimension, I used stencil paste and gesso for a raised effect. Let dry.
  • Mix gesso and yellow acrylic paint (depends on your desired color tint – add more gesso to achieve lighter shade or less for a more highlighted color). Paint the mixed color throughout the hardcover. Let dry.
  • Get punchinella and stencil away! I dont use a stencil brush for stenciling, I enjoy using kitchen sponge. (NO! dont use your existing sponge! Please get your spare kitchen sponge for this)
  • Get diamond and circular templates and stencil your heart out. use whatever you want to stencil in your journal. We have different supplies and tastes 🙂
  • For a more ME look, I decided to make a 3/4 circle with acrylic paint to encircle the bird in the cage and and I happily used my flower frenzy template to stencil over. I did the whole circle at the back to cover my year.
  • Decorated the journal with sharpie in different colors.
  • Add more dimension with a white permanent market.
  • Traced my favorite number set from AMM – couture over white cardstock and added some washi tape over the white cardstock and painted pink acrylic paint over it, to subdue the polka dots of the tape.
  • I wanted to give my journal a title to inspire and challenge me everyday and I chose, Dare to Dream. Wrote it with black sharpie.
  • Add mod podge to seal your work. My journal haven’t had a coating of mod podge or any varnish sealer yet (bad bad me!) Oh, yes, I intend to include mod podge on my next shopping cart 🙂


Happy crafting!


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