How to : Dare to Dream 2014 Planner/Art Journal

Since I am very new to mixed media art, I tend to document the process I went through with each project. For my planner/art journal, below were the materials I used.

  • atelier gesso primer
  • stencil paste
  • cardstock
  • washi tape
  • crafter’s workshop template – birds of a feather
  • punchinella
  • crafter’s workshop template – flower frenzy
  • homemade diamond stencils
  • homemade circle stencils
  • favorite monogram alphabets with numbers
  • fine point sharpie permanent marker – different colors
  • artline 400xf paint market – white
  • acrylic paints – you can use your preferred paint colors, I used what I already have and just mix some colors to achieve the color I wanted.  Experiment! 🙂

My Approach:

  • Gesso the whole journal cover. Let it dry.
  • Make circular indentations on the cover using toilet paper roll. Use acrylic paint or gesso. I used various colors of acrylic paint. Let dry.
  • Stencil birds of a feather template on the front cover, since I LOVE texture and dimension, I used stencil paste and gesso for a raised effect. Let dry.
  • Mix gesso and yellow acrylic paint (depends on your desired color tint – add more gesso to achieve lighter shade or less for a more highlighted color). Paint the mixed color throughout the hardcover. Let dry.
  • Get punchinella and stencil away! I dont use a stencil brush for stenciling, I enjoy using kitchen sponge. (NO! dont use your existing sponge! Please get your spare kitchen sponge for this)
  • Get diamond and circular templates and stencil your heart out. use whatever you want to stencil in your journal. We have different supplies and tastes 🙂
  • For a more ME look, I decided to make a 3/4 circle with acrylic paint to encircle the bird in the cage and and I happily used my flower frenzy template to stencil over. I did the whole circle at the back to cover my year.
  • Decorated the journal with sharpie in different colors.
  • Add more dimension with a white permanent market.
  • Traced my favorite number set from AMM – couture over white cardstock and added some washi tape over the white cardstock and painted pink acrylic paint over it, to subdue the polka dots of the tape.
  • I wanted to give my journal a title to inspire and challenge me everyday and I chose, Dare to Dream. Wrote it with black sharpie.
  • Add mod podge to seal your work. My journal haven’t had a coating of mod podge or any varnish sealer yet (bad bad me!) Oh, yes, I intend to include mod podge on my next shopping cart 🙂


Happy crafting!


New Beginnings : Mixed Media Art

I found out through very close friends that the current craze in the crafting world is mixed media art. And since I wanted to try any thing crafty I wanted to get into mixed media art the soonest. But, where to start? Luckily my dear friend Airees introduced me to The Documented Life Project spearheaded by the creative women behind Art to the 5th. I immediately signed up at their facebook page. At first I was intimidated by all the awesome works of the members from all over the world, but then I found myself studying the craft and experimenting on the various media available to me.  That was when I decided to use an existing blank journal and try to make my own monthly calendars as opposed to the recommended moleskine planner. I wanted to make my own planner since I still have a lot of scrapbooking supplies and it will break my heart not to use them at all anymore. And so the journey bagun…

However, insecurity got the better of me and  I just decided to make my planner only and not participate in the group’s weekly challenges. I felt cramped, overly stressed out and out of synch just by thinking about the weekly challenges. Maybe it has also something to do about the super fast paced life I had since the start of this year. So much had happened – mostly heartbreaking life moments and I was emotionally crippled for a couple of weeks.

Then just last weekend, as I was looking at my journal cover, I had that feeling of a – DO IT NOW feeling. So, I got all my materials, pushed myself to craziness (lol!) and made myself create something happy, colorful and whimsical. I only have the ladies of The Documented Life Project to thank for all the inspirations I got from all of their gorgeous pages!


Fortunately, sharing my journal cover photo in the group’s fb page gave me a renewed spirit to create more, experiment often and explore my inner artsy self. I have given the feeling of “release” from something I could not explain. God willing, this journey and new beginning with mixed media art will help me “heal” so I can find my way to Him and myself again.


New Love : Zentangle

In one of my many not so busy day, I found myself browsing the net and luckily stumbled upon a site that really got my interest. Tangle Patterns is a wonderful site! The site was able to introduce me into the  Zentangle Method which made me think, “Will I be able to do this very intricate patterns”?

And the answer came during my recent bonding time with two of my best creative buddies. We were busy catching up on our lives and on what are the current trends in the crafting world, when I found myself doing this…


I was not able to finish the project during our afternoon but I continued on it at home and finished what I can at that time. I wrote one of my favorite quotes inside the letter C – The Possibilies are Endless. I had a wonderful time doing my first zentangle project. I still have a long way to go but it is a start and beautiful and wonderful things happen when we conquer our fears and start something new! 🙂